Brunswick County Board of Commissioners consider FY 2023 recommended budget and hold public hearing this Monday, June 6


Brunswick County Board of Commissioners consider FY 2023 recommended budget and hold public hearing this Monday, June 6

>>Update: Brunswick County Board of Commissioners approve FY 2023 budget during June 20 meeting<<


BOLIVIA, N.C. – Want to know what’s coming up in Brunswick County’s next budget? Residents can view the recommended Fiscal Year 2023 budget and make comments before its formal adoption later this month.

The recommended budget includes no ad valorem tax rate change from the current 48.50 cents. The FY 2023 budget proposal for all funds totals $315,303,505 which represents an increase of 8.2% over the budget adopted June 21, 2021.

County Manager Steve Stone presented the recommended budget ordinance, capital improvement plan, and fees during the Board’s May 16 regular meeting. The budget considers two major focus areas:

  • Employee retention, recruitment, and succession planning
  • Meeting the needs of a growing county with diverse demographics

The recommended budget includes funding to support the new countywide pay policy and salary increases the Board approved in April 2022, which is estimated to cost $9.78 million in the next fiscal year.

The FY 2023 recommended budget also includes funding for the addition of 49 new positions to the county workforce, with several positions connected to services such as public safety, permitting and inspections, utilities, and health and human services (see below).

The recommended budget also proposes changes to general fund fees for countywide, building inspections and central permitting, fire inspections, solid waste, health services and environmental health to adjust for the cost of providing services, growth, and other requirements.

There are no recommended changes to water and sewer rates for all customer classes in the FY 2023 budget. The budget does include recommended changes to certain water and wastewater fees that would affect premise visits, septage receiving fees, and various sub charges and installation charges for meters and taps reflecting the cost to provide the service. See a full overview of the proposed water and wastewater fees online.

Individuals can view the FY 2023 recommended budget documents and previous adopted budgets at

How to Get Involved

On Monday, June 6 at 3 p.m., the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners will hold a public hearing where residents can share their comments on the budget during the regular board meeting.

Residents can also share their comments on the budget via email at or my mail: Brunswick County Board of Commissioners / P.O. Box 249 / Bolivia, NC 28422.

The Board will take possible action on adoption of the FY 2023 budget during the regular meeting scheduled for Monday, June 20 at 6 p.m. If adopted, the budget will go into effect July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023.

Recommended New Workforce Positions

The FY 2023 recommended budget includes the addition of the 49 new positions to support the growth and future anticipated needs for the following county departments/divisions:

  • Human Resources: One additional Human Resources Generalist to meet the needs of a growing workforce
  • Tax Administration/GIS: One Delinquent Tax/DMV Specialist and one GIS Analyst to maintain the County’s high tax collection rate
  • Information Technology: One IT Business Analyst
  • Fleet Services: One additional Mechanic Technician for a larger County fleet
  • Engineering: One Engineering Services Deputy Director
  • Operation Services: Two additional Custodial Assistants for increased workloads
  • Sheriff’s Office: Training Division Administrative Assistant to ensure compliance with laws related to public safety and welfare; three additional Detention Center positions to staff the Courthouse expansion
  • Emergency Services/EMS: One Emergency Management Specialist, one Emergency Medical Services Assistant Operations Supervisor/Training, and the reduction of a Senior Office Assistant to align with the needs of Emergency Services
  • Code Administration/Fire Marshal’s Office: One Permitting Technician, one Multi-Trades Inspector IV, one Assistant Fire Marshal, and one Fire Inspector/Investigator to meet the demands in Code Administration and Fire Inspections
  • Planning: One Planner III position to keep up with the demands and improve long-range planning
  • Veteran Services: One Veteran Services Officer to increase service
  • Library: One additional Library Assistant
  • Health Services: One additional Senior Accounting Clerk and Nutritionist I for increased workloads
  • Environmental Health: Two Environmental Health Specialist and a Lead Environment Health Tech to meet the demands in Environmental Health
  • Social Services: One additional Social Worker, one Economic Services Supervisor, and seven Income Maintenance Caseworkers (four to come onboard mid-year) to meet state guidelines with funding grant reimbursements provided
  • Public Utilities: 14 positions for Engineering Project Manager, Public Utilities Inspector, Water Treatment Operator Trainee, Deputy Utility Billing Manager, Meter Reader, Construction Estimator, Collections Mechanic I, Construction Supervisor, three Mechanic I positions, and three Wastewater Operator Trainees


Media Inquiries

For media inquiries, contact the Communications Director at 910.253.2995 or email