Public Notice

Public Notice

UPDATE – Stage 1 – Water Conservation Alert – UPDATE

UPDATE – Stage 1 – Water Conservation Alert – UPDATE

Bolivia, NC – A Stage 1 Water Conservation Alert remains in effect. Based on the ongoing hot weather that tends to elevate water demand, this Water Conservation Alert will remain in effect through the month of July and into August when it will be re-evaluated.

Please continue to use water wisely; your water conservation is having a positive impact.

Residents who have questions should contact their water service provider directly or Brunswick County Public Utilities at 910-253-2657. Additional information can be found at <>.

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Bolivia, NC – A Stage 1 Water Conservation Alert remains in effect.

All customers of a public water system anywhere in Brunswick County are affected by Water Conservation Alerts. Brunswick County Public Utilities provides water service in unincorporated portions of Brunswick County as well as the following communities: Boiling Spring Lakes, Bolivia, Calabash, Carolina Shores, Caswell Beach, Sandy Creek, St. James, Sunset Beach, and Varnamtown. Customers of other utilities such as Bald Head Island, Brunswick Regional – H2GO (Belville), Holden Beach, Leland, Navassa, Northwest, Oak Island, Ocean Isle Beach, Shallotte, and Southport are under the same restrictions since these utilities receive their water from Brunswick County Public Utilities.

Under a Stage 1 Water Alert, water system customers are requested to make voluntary adjustments to their water usage habits to appreciably reduce peak demands. (A peak demand of 80% of system production and distribution capacity being targeted). Irrigation demands represent the bulk of non-essential water use, so a primary way that customers may reduce water usage is to limit irrigation. A unified application of voluntary water reductions by all water system users in Brunswick County may help to avoid mandatory water restrictions in the event drought conditions do not lessen.

Specific ways to reduce water usage are as follows:

  1. Use the following recommended irrigation schedule to even out system demands:
  2. Odd address numbers – Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday
    b. Even address numbers – Wednesday/Friday/Sunday
    c. No irrigation on Mondays
  3. Defer all non-essential water use to outside the peak demand hours of 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m; preferably after nightfall.
    3. Don’t overwater your yard. One inch of water per week in the summer will keep most types of grass healthy. To determine how long you need to run your sprinkler to provide 1” of water, place straight edged cans at different distances from your sprinkler and time how long it takes to fill an average of 1” of water in each can. Water occasionally, but deeply to encourage deeper rooting that makes grass more drought/heat tolerant.
    4. Install rain shut-off devices on automatic sprinkler systems.
    5. Don’t water pavement and impervious surfaces.
    6. Limit lawn watering to that necessary for plant survival. Water lawns outside of the peak demand hours of 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m; preferably after nightfall.
    7. Water shrubbery the minimum required. Water shrubbery outside of the peak demand hours of 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Use drip irrigation systems in shrubbery beds and around trees to prevent water loss through evaporation.
    8. Use abundant mulch around trees and shrubs to retain moisture.
    9. Plant drought-tolerant grasses, trees, and plants.
    10. Adjust mower height to a higher setting to retain moisture.
    11. Limit the use of clothes washers and dishwashers and when used, operate fully loaded. Operate dishwashers outside of the peak demand hours of 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m; preferably after nightfall.
    12. Limit vehicle washing to a minimum. Use commercial car washes that recycle water.
    13. Use shower for bathing rather than bathtub and limit shower to no more than five (5) minutes.
    14. Inspect and repair all faulty and defective parts of faucets and toilets. Pay attention to dripping sounds.
    15. Do not leave faucets running while shaving, brushing teeth, rinsing or preparing food.
    16. Do not wash down outside areas such as sidewalks, driveways, patios, etc.
    17. Install water-saving showerheads and other water conservation devices.
    18. Install water-saving devices in toilets such as early closing flappers.
    19. Limit hours of water-cooled air conditioners.
    20. Keep drinking water in a container in the refrigerator instead of running water from a faucet until it is cool.
    21. Do not fill new (or empty) swimming or wading pools. Top off existing swimming pools from dusk until dawn.
    22. Cover pool and spas when not in use to prevent evaporation.
    23. Use disposable and biodegradable dishes where possible.

Please note that this Stage 1 Water Conservation Alert does not affect the use of private groundwater wells or those using highly treated reclaimed wastewater. (St. James, Winding River, Sea Trail, and Sandpiper Bay golf courses use reclaimed water. Other golf courses use wells and ponds for irrigation.) Also, this is not a water quality advisory; this is a water conservation advisory. There is no need to boil water for potable use unless you receive a Low Pressure Advisory notice for your specific area due to other conditions in the water distribution system.

Residents will be notified if any other conservation measures are needed and when conditions dictate that restrictions are no longer required. Residents who have questions should contact their water service provider directly or Brunswick County Public Utilities at 910-253-2657. Additional information can be found at <>

– End –

‘Golden A’ and ‘Platinum A’ Awards Presented



Bolivia, NC – The Environmental Health Food and Lodging Section of the Brunswick County Health Services presented the annual “Golden A” Awards and “Platinum A” Awards to local food establishments.

            The Golden A Award is given to food service establishments that score 95% or better for each of the required inspections in one year.  The Platinum A Award is given to establishments that receive the Golden A five years in a row.

In addition to receiving this award, recipients who attended the Ceremony were eligible to participate in a drawing to have their picture taken with the Health Director.  Below are the winners of the pictures and a listing of all recipients for 2018.

Cedar Grove Middle School: Left to Right – Linda Plugger, Patricia Reid, Cris Harrelson, Health Director, Donna Newton and Christy Humphrey

Bojangles 913 Supply NC: Left to Right – Freda Friend, Cris Harrelson, Health Director, Shirley Vereen, Todd Harden and Tangulia Marks


Taco & Burrito’s: Left to Right – Cris Harrelson, Health Director, Daniel Mendoza and Allen Lightfoot

Archibald’s Deli
Autumn Care
Bella Cucina Restaurant
Belville Elementary School Lunchroom
Best Western Westgate Inn Breakfast Bar
Bob’s Dogs
Bolivia Elementary Cafeteria
Boundary House Restaurant
Brunswick County Academy
Brunswick Cove Nursing Home Dietary
BSRI Ash Senior Nutrition Site
BSRI Boiling Spring Lakes Senior Nutrition Site
BSRI Oak Island Senior Nutrition Site
BSRI Southport Senior Center
Burg-Dog Grill
Calabash Delicatessen
Calabash Garden Tea Room
Calabash Seafood Hut
Canteen Vending/Duke Energy Progress
Cedar Grove Middle School Lunchroom
Champion’s Grill
Comfort Inn Shallotte Breakfast Bar
Crow Creek Golf Club
Delphina Cantina
Dosher Hospital Dietary
Duffer’s Pub and Deli II
Eric’s Grille
Farmstead Golf Course
Fibber McGees
Fishhouse Restaurant
Food Lion #1593 Deli (Sunset Beach)
Food Lion #1607 Deli (Calabash)
Food Lion #1655 Deli (Reed Road)
Food Lion #1655 Market (Reed Road)
Food Lion #2114 Deli (Oak Island)
Food Lion #2114 Market (Oak Island)
Food Lion #2130 Deli (Shallotte)
Food Lion #2546 Deli (Supply)
Food Lion #852 Deli (Village Road)
Frying Pan (The)
Gaylyn Diner
Hampton Inn Southport Breakfast Bar
Harris Teeter #225 Meat Market
Harris Teeter #225 Produce
Holiday Inn Express Breakfast Bar (Leland)
Island Way Restaurant
Jade Garden
Jersey Mike’s (Leland)
Jesse Mae Monroe Cafeteria
Joey O’s Pizzeria
Kopp’s Grill
Kopp’s Kwik Stop
Las Palmeras SB
Leland Middle
Leopard Chase Grill
Lincoln Primary
Little Bit’s Grill
Little Caesar’s Express #321702 (Supply)
Loco Jo’s Bar & Grill
Lowe’s Foods #237 Deli (Leland)
Lowe’s Foods #237 Market (Leland)
Lowe’s Foods Store #201 Produce (Southport)
Lowe’s Foods Store #230 Market (Ocean Isle Beach)
Lowe’s Foods Store #230 Produce (Ocean Isle Beach)
Lowe’s Foods Store #237 Produce (Leland)
Magnolia Greens Country Store
Maritime Meat Market
Maverick’s Java
McDonald’s #35966 (Supply)
McDonald’s #5658 (Village Road)
McDonald’s #7702 (Southport)
Meadowlands Golf Club
Melon Corsini Catering
Mike’s Bites
Mr. P’s Bistro
North Brunswick Lunchroom
Ocean Trail Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center
Patronie’s Pizza
Pearl Golf Links (The)
Player’s Club Grill
Port City Java #3 (Cutler Crossing)
Russell’s Place
Sarah’s Kitchen
Shallotte Middle Cafeteria
Shirley’s Diner
Silverhill Grill
South Brunswick High Cafeteria
South Brunswick Middle School
Southport Primary School
Subway #2229 (Southport)
Subway #32250 (Supply)
Subway #34754 (Walmart- Southport)
Subway #41339 (New Pointe Blvd)
Sunset Beach Fishing Pier
Supply Elementary School
Taco Bell (Leland)
Tee Time Café
Thai by the Sea
Tony’s Pizza
Town Creek Elementary Cafeteria
Tropical Smoothie Café NC 19 (Southport)
Union Primary Cafeteria
Universal Health Care of Brunswick Dietary
Virginia Williamson School
Waccamaw Elementary Cafeteria
Walmart Deli #2772 (Southport)
West Brunswick High Cafeteria
Winds Coffee Shop (The)
Wingate Inn Southport Breakfast Bar
Yacht Basin Provision Company


55th Street Seafood House
All American Grill
Antonio’s Deli Pizza & Grill
Arbor Landing at Ocean Isle Beach
Asia & Sushi
Asian Taste
Bagel Dock Café
Bagel Dock Express
Barbque House
Beaches Burgers
Beana’s Kitchen
Bennett’s Grill & Café
Bojangles #878 (Southport)
Bojangles #913 (Supply)
Bouncing Log Café (The)
Brassie’s Pub
Brodee Dogs
Brunswick Health & Rehab Center Dietary
Brunswick Novant Medical Center Dietary
BSRI Leland Senior Center
BSRI Shallotte Senior Center
BSRI Stone Chimney Place Warming Kitchen
BSRI Town Creek Senior Site
Burger King
Café Koa
Canteen Vending/Duke Energy Progress Tac Building
Cape Fear Seafood Company
Captain Nance’s Seafood
Carillon Assisted Living Dietary
Chasers Sports Bar and Grill
Check Six Brewing Company
Christopher’s Pizza
Circle K #2706487 (Leland)
Circle K #2720467 (Southport)
Circle K #2723049 (Ocean Isle Beach)
Circle K #2723135 (Oak Island)
Circle K #2723143 (Shallotte)
Circle K #2723487 (Supply)
Coastal Wine Room
Dawg House Too
Domino’s Pizza #7428 (Supply)
Domino’s Pizza #8814 (Ploof Road)
Domino’s Pizza #8861 (Village Road)
Domino’s Pizza #8945 (Oak Island)
Domino’s Pizza #8950 (Ocean Isle Beach)
Domino’s Pizza #8955 (Southport)
Drift Coffee
Dry Street Pub and Pizza
Duffer’s Pub & Grille
Ella’s Seafood Restaurant
Empire Deli and Bagel
Family Pizza & Subs
Fishy Fishy
Food Lion #1593 Market (Sunset Beach)
Food Lion #1593 Produce (Sunset Beach)
Food Lion #1607 Produce (Calabash)
Food Lion #1655 Produce (Reed Road)
Food Lion #2114 Produce (Oak Island)
Food Lion #2130 Market (Shallotte)
Food Lion #2130 Produce (Shallotte)
Food Lion #2223 Deli (Southport)
Food Lion #2223 Market (Southport)
Food Lion #2223 Produce (Southport)
Food Lion #2546 Market (Supply)
Food Lion #2546 Produce (Supply)
Food Lion #852 Market (Village Road)
Food Lion #852 Produce (Village Road)
Forest at Cape Fear National (The)
Gourmet to Go & Catered Affairs
Grand Strand Coffee Bar
Gravy Southern Eatery
Great Wall
Gusto Grill
Hardees #1303 (Northwest)
Hardees #1343 (Supply)
Harris Teeter #225 Deli
Harris Teeter/Starbucks #29082
Holden Beach Pier & Grill
Holiday Inn Express Hotel Breakfast Bar (Bolivia)
Honey’s BBQ Shack
Hot Dog Works (The)
Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries (New Pt. Leland)
Inlet View Bar & Grill
Island Café
Island Times Café
Jersey Girls’ Deli
Kai Joe’s
Kangaroo Express #2723999 (Ocean Isle Beach)
Kentucky Fried Chicken (Leland)
Kentucky Fried Chicken (Shallotte)
Kentucky Fried Chicken (Southpor)
Leland House Dietary
Little Caesar’s Shallotte
Little Caesar’s/The Gas Mart Minuteman
Live Oak Café
Local’s Tavern
Lockwood Folly Marketplace
Lowe’s Foods Store #201 Meat Market (Southport)
Lowe’s Foods Store #230 Deli (Ocean Isle Beach)
Lowe’s Foods Store #235 Deli (Bolivia)
Lowe’s Foods Store #235 Meat Market (Bolivia)
Lowe’s Foods Store #235 Produce (Bolivia)
Ma’s Driftwood Grill
Maco Depot Subway
Mainstreet Grill
Makai Brewing Company
Mankin’s Causeway Café
Market Express #345
Marsh Harbour Inn Breakfast Bar
Mayway Corner Store
McDonald’s #16312 (Sunset Beach)
McDonald’s #33155 (New Pointe Blvd)
Member’s Club Snack Bar
Mermaid’s Island Grill
Middle River Subway
MMM Que Rico
Moore Street Market
Murphy Express #8572 (Southport)
Oak Island Butcher/NY Deli
Oak Island Restaurant
Oak Island Sub Shop
Ocean Isle Fish Company
Office Coffee and Wine Bar (The)
Old Bridge Diner
Olde Brunswick General Store
Oliver’s on the Cape Fear
Oyster Bar Golf Links
Papa John’s (Leland)
Papa John’s Pizza #4014 (Sunset Beach)
Papa John’s Pizza #4190 (Shallotte)
Papa John’s Pizza (Southport)
Pelican’s Perch
Pier at Ocean Isle Beach
Piggly Wiggly Store #92 Market
Piper’s Bar and Grill
Pizza Hut #2570 (Leland)
Pizza Hut #2577 (Shallotte)
Pizza Hut #2578 (Southport)
Pizza Shack
Port City Java #14 (Southport)
Port City Java (Waterford)
Publix #1631 Produce
Red Hare Brewing Company
Reserve Club (The)
Roberto’s Restaurante
San Felipe #11 (Southport)
Shuckin’ Shack
Smithfield’s Chicken & Bar-B-Q (Shallotte)
Sonja’s Grill
Southport Cheese Shoppe
Southport Smoke House
Speedy Weenie
Subway #12049 (Village Road)
Subway #15743 (Ocean Isle Beach)
Subway #2723487 (Supply)
Subway #31420 (Calabash)
Subway #37905 (Main St. Shallotte)
Subway #56456 (Winnabow)
Subway #61882 (Zion Church Road)
Sunny Point Tiger Mart
Sunny Side UP Diner
Sunrise Grill & Tap House
Surfer’s Café
Swain Seafood Shack
Swing Bridge Grill
Taco Bell #030571 (Shallotte)
Tacos and Burritos
Terry’s NC BBQ and Ribs
Thai Peppers
Tommy Thompson’s
Trolly Stop (The)
Trolly Stop Pushcart
Tropical Smoothie Café (Leland)
View at Bricklanding (The)
Waffle House #1387 (Shallotte)
Walmart Deli #1767 (Shallotte)
Walmart Deli #4273 (Leland)
Waterfront Seafood Shack
Zaxby’s #51101


Also announced were participants in the Safe Plates Program who scored an outstanding grade of 95 or better on the exam.




Stephanie Smith—Brunswick County Schools

Tracy Holt—Brunswick County Schools

Donald Smith—Smity’s Dawgs and more, Leland

Melissa Matthews, Butcher of Brunswick

Elias Speliotis, The Southport Inn

Mary Speliotis, The Southport Inn

Joe Caldropoli, Coastal Catering and Oak and Anchor, Lockwood Folly County Club

Mary (Heather) Borton, The Pearl

Raymund Acayan, Ports of Call, Southport

Brandon Ludlum, The Seafood Barn, Holden Beach



For more information, please call 910-253-2298.