Illegal Debris Dumping Will Be Investigated and Prosecuted


Debris being sorted for collection MUST be placed at the curbside on the property where the debris originated.

This includes vegetative debris, construction and demolition debris, furniture and appliances, and other storm debris. Placing debris on the roadside of another property other than where the debris originated constitutes illegal dumping.

In addition to violating Brunswick County Ordinances, this type of dumping creates safety and health hazards. Large piles of debris from multiple locations can create viewing obstructions for drivers turning and can spill into the road. Both hazardous scenarios have the potential to cause vehicular accidents. Additionally, piles with debris from multiple locations can obstruct stormwater drainage systems and can foster the growth of mold and the breeding of rodents.

Dumping in Brunswick County’s unincorporated areas can be reported by visiting or by calling 910-253-2025. Violations will be investigated and violators will be prosecuted.