Public Notice

Public Notice

Brunswick County Coronavirus Information


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County Contact Information & Virtual Services During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Brunswick County is urging individuals to visit our website and to call or email county departments for assistance first before visiting county offices. The County now requires appointments for in-person visits. Not sure who to contact? Call our main line and we can help direct your calls.

  • Main County Contact Information: 910.253.2000 / 800.442.7033


Brunswick County Public Health Call Line and Email Information (Available Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)


NC Public Health Call Line (Open 24/7)

  • Phone: 1.866.462.3821


North Carolina 2-1-1 Program

  • For COVID-19 questions, dial 2-1-1 or 888-892-1162
  • Sign up for updates by texting COVIDNC to 898211


The County has information and resources for individuals, businesses and municipalities that need assistance via the follow webpages:

Mosquito Species with Monthly and Yearly Distribution

Weekly Data (By Location)

Column 1 CTA

Control Programs

Column 2 CTA

Service Request

Column 3 CTA

Mosquito Species with Monthly and Yearly Distribution

Column 4 CTA

Species information, with monthly and yearly data

Mosquito Species Biology
Mosquito Image
Monthly Larval Distribution
Yearly/Weekly Distribution
Human Impact
Aedes aegyptiPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyLow
Aedes albopictusPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyHigh
Aedes vexansPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyHigh
Anopheles barberiPictureN/AN/ALow
Anopheles atroposPictureMonthlyN/ALow
Anopheles crucians complexPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyMedium
Anopheles punctipennisPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyMedium
Anopheles quadrimaculatus (s.l.)PictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyMedium
Anopheles walkeriPictureN/AN/ALow
Coquillettidia perturbansPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyMedium
Culex erraticusPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyMedium
Culex nigripalpusPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyMedium
Culex peccatorPictureMonthlyN/ALow
Culex pilosusPictureN/AN/ALow
Culex pipens complexPictureMonthlyHigh
Culex restuansPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyLow
Culex salinariusPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyMedium
Culex territansPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyLow
Culiseta inornataPictureMonthly
Culiseta melanuraPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyHigh
Ochlerotatus atlanticus/tormentorPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyHigh
Ochlerotatus canadensis canadensisPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyMedium
Ochlerotatus depreeiPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyLow
Ochlerotatus fulvus pallensPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyLow
Ochlerotatus hendersoniN/AMonthlyN/ALow
Ochlerotatus infirmatusPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyMedium
Ochlerotatus japonicus japonicusPictureN/AYearly/WeeklyN/A
Ochlerotatus mitchellaePictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyLow
Ochlerotatus sollicitansPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyHigh
Ochlerotatus sticticusPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyLow
Ochlerotatus taeniorhynchusPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyMedium
Ochlerotatus thibaultiPictureMonthlyN/ALow
Ocherlotatus triseriatusPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyMedium
Orthopodomyia signiferaPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyLow
Psorophora ciliataPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyHigh
Psorophora columbiaePictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyHigh
Psorophora cyanescensPictureMonthlyN/ALow
Psorophora discolorPictureMonthlyN/ALow
Psorophora feroxPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyHigh
Psorophora howardiiPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyMedium
Toxorhynchites rutilus septentrionalisPictureMonthlyN/ALow
Uranotaenia sapphirinaPictureMonthlyYearly/WeeklyLow
Wyeomyia smithiiPictureMonthlyN/ALow

Adjusted Operations Due to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Brunswick County now requires individuals to first visit our website for services and to contact county departments via phone or email to see if we can assist you virtually to support social distancing for our residents and team members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If an in-person visit to a county office is necessary, you will need to schedule an appointment first via the phone and/or email listed below.


179 MARCH 9, 1764 DRIVE

(910) 253-2515
open mon-fri:
8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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