(expired) Municipal Solid Waste New Transfer Station Advertisement for Bids


Municipal Solid Waste New Transfer Station Specifications

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Addendum III

Pursuant to the General Statutes of North Carolina (143-129 et. seq.), Brunswick County is soliciting bids for construction of a New Transfer Station Facility at the Brunswick County Municipal Solid Waste Transfer Station located at 172 Landfill Road NE, Bolivia NC 28422. Bids must be received by Brunswick County Operation Services Department, located at 179 March 9, 1764 Drive NE, Bolivia NC 28422, by 2:00 PM, local time on September 14, 2021. The bids will be for the furnishing of all labor, and material as detailed in the technical specifications and construction drawings and all equipment required for the construction of the Municipal Solid Waste New Transfer Station Facility. The New Transfer Station Facility has an approximate footprint of 21,500 square foot with a pre-engineered metal structure over the New Transfer Station footprint. Work also includes selective demolition, new concrete foundation, preloading, site improvements, stormwater and grading improvements, water and sewer services, electrical services, and all other related work as shown on the Contract Documents, as more fully set forth herein. Any changes to the specifications or scope of work or clarifications to the bidding documents will be made in the form of an Addendum and will be supplied to all prospective bidders and posted on the County’s website.

Each bid must be made on the blank forms provided with the bound copies of the Contract Documents and must be addressed to Ms. Stephanie Lewis, Brunswick County Operation Services, P.O. Box 249 179 March 9, 1764 Drive NE, Bolivia, NC. Each bid must be sealed and clearly marked on the outside “MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE NEW TRANSFER STATION”, with the name, address and license number of the bidder. Sealed bids will be opened on Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at 2:00 pm within the Brunswick County Operation Services Building located at 179 March 9, 1764 Drive, NE, Bolivia, NC and read aloud.

Neither Brunswick County nor Dewberry will be responsible for the failure of any mail or delivery service to deliver a bid. Regardless of the manner of submission, bids received after the aforementioned date and time or bids not submitted at the correct location or in the designated manner will not be accepted.

Contract Documents, including complete drawings and specifications, may be obtained by electronic copy in PDF form by contacting Mr. Amir Hadjimiry by e-mail ahadjimiry@dewberry.com or contacting by phone to receive an electronic copy at (984) 255-7047. There will be no charge associated with obtaining electronic copy of the Contract Documents. Dewberry will require a 24-hour notice prior to delivery of Contract Documents. Contract Documents will be available on Wednesday, August 4, 2021.

A pre-bid conference will be at 1:00p.m. local time on Thursday, August 26, 2021 at the Brunswick County Municipal Solid Waste Transfer Station located at 172 Landfill Rd NE, Bolivia NC 28422. Attendance at the pre-bid conference is highly encouraged but not mandatory.

No consideration will be given to any request for Plans and Specifications two (2) days prior to the date for receiving bids.

All Bidders questions and/or clarifications must be submitted in writing to Dewberry Engineers Inc., 2610 Wycliff Road, Suite 410, Raleigh, NC 27607 no later than 5:00 PM, local time on Tuesday, September 7, 2021. Bidders questions and/or clarifications received after this date will not receive a response. If warranted Bidders questions and/or clarifications may be answered by Addenda.