Public Notice

Public Notice

Tropical Storm Ophelia Information


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Quick Updates & Resources

A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for the coastal waters of Brunswick County. A Flood Watch is in effect for Brunswick County

Most Brunswick County operations and services will continue as usual at this time except for the following changes:

  • Brunswick County Parks will close early at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 22
  • All Brunswick County Parks and Recreation youth events are canceled for the weekend (Sept. 23-24)

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NCDEQ: Survey for the Cape Fear River Basin Water Resources Management Plan Open Through Sept. 30


NCDEQ: Survey for the Cape Fear River Basin Water Resources Management Plan Open Through Sept. 30

The next update to the Cape Fear River basin plan is underway. To increase community outreach, the DEQ Division of Water Resources’ (DWR) Basin Planning Branch (BPB) in partnership with the Cape Fear River Assembly (CFRA) developed a survey to capture and understand issues facing water resources throughout the basin. All issues may not be addressed in the basin plan, but information will be shared with various partners, including CFRA and DEQ. The survey will be available until Sept. 30 followed by a public comment period for the Cape Fear River basin plan.

We use water everyday in many different ways. In our homes, we use water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and watering our plants. Commercial and industrial companies use water for manufacturing products. Agriculture uses water for crop irrigation and livestock care. Recreational uses include fishing, boating, swimming, and wading. Water also is historically and culturally significant to many people and communities.

To ensure that the waters of our state are protected, developed, and maintained in a sustainable manner, the DWR creates comprehensive basinwide water resources management plans (basin plans). Basin plans include information about water quality and quantity, and represents cumulative and ongoing efforts of several local and state entities working within the basin. The 2022 basin plan is the fourth document to be developed for the Cape Fear River basin by DWR.

NCDEQ Staff Contacts

Nora Deamer
Staff Lead, Cape Fear Basin
Basin Planner, Division of Water Resources, Planning Section
(919) 707-9116