NOTICE OF SALE–PARCEL # 217GC026, Lots 190 & 191, Riverside; Parcel # 1980003905, 1.00 acre; Parcel # 1820010801, TR-1, 0.70 acres–TAXES PAID = SALES CANCELLED


COUNTY OF BRUNSWICK In the General Court of Justice
District Court Division
Plaintiff, )
vs. )
Defendant. )

Under and by virtue of an Order of the District Court of Brunswick County, North Carolina, made and entered in the action entitled “County of Brunswick vs. DORA Properties, LLC” the undersigned commissioner will on the 18th day of June, 2021, offer for sale and sell for cash, to the last and highest bidder at public auction, at the courthouse door in Brunswick County, North Carolina, in Bolivia at 12:00 noon the following described real property, lying and being in the State and County aforesaid, and more particularly described as follows:

PARCEL # 217GC026:

BEING ALL of Revised Lots 190 and 191 as shown on a plat of survey prepared by Owen D. Gidlow, P.L.S., for Jeff Simmons, dated April 26, 2006 and recorded in Map Cabinet 35, Page 401 of the Brunswick County Registry.

For back reference, see Deed recorded in Deed Book 2432 at Page 0053, in the Office of the Register of Deeds for Brunswick County North Carolina.

PARCEL # 1980003905:

BEING ALL that certain tract or parcel of land containing 1.00 acres, more or less, as described and delineated on that plat of survey entitled “SURVEY FOR JO ANN SIMMONS,” dated March 17, 1999, prepared by James R. Tompkins, R.L.S., said survey being recorded in Map Cabinet 21, Page 367, the Brunswick County Registry, and incorporated herein by reference for a more complete description.

PARCEL # 1820010801:

BEGINNING at an iron pipe, this beginning point being located the following courses and distances as measured from a point in the centerline of NC State Highway # 130 where it would be intersected by the centerline of County Road # 1136, from this point in the centerline of NC State Highway # 130 and in a northerly direction along the centerline of County Road # 1136, 1819.0 feet to a point; thence South 75 degrees 3 minutes East 192.47 feet to a point; thence North 51 degrees 1 minute East 143.42 feet to a point; thence North 73 degrees 35 minutes East 322.97 feet to a point; and North 2 degrees 57 minutes West 57.0 feet to the point of beginning; thence from this beginning point North 2 degrees 57 minutes West 162.9 feet to an iron pipe; thence South 79 degrees 49 minutes East 209.0 feet to an iron pipe; thence South 5 feet 11 seconds East 135.86 feet to an iron pipe; thence North 87 degrees 26 minutes West 209.79 feet to the point of BEGINNING, and containing, 0.70 acres, more or less and being Tract # 1 as shown on that survey by Bobby M. Long, May 4, 1979, and recorded in Deed Book 432, Page 664 and Map Cabinet K at Page 188 and being a part of that property that is described in Book 249 at Page 772, Brunswick County, North Carolina.

The sale will be made subject to all outstanding city and county taxes and all local improvement assessments against the above-described property not included in the judgment in the above-entitled cause. A deposit of 5 percent of the successful bid will be required.

This the 19th day of May, 2021.

Bryan W. Batton, Commissioner
P. O. Box 249
Bolivia, NC 28422