UDO Text Amendments

UDO 160D Updates & Staff Refinements


A public hearing will be held with the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners on May 17, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. Attached are the amendments going before the Board. 

Brunswick County 2021 Text Amendments

On March 16, 2021 the Brunswick County Planning Board held a workshop with Planning Staff to discuss changes to the Brunswick County Unified Development Ordinance. The workshop included a presentation on stormwater in Brunswick County, a review of changes in North Carolina General Statutes (Chapter 160D), as well as a discussion with planning staff about proposed changes. See Descriptions Below:

Attached are the PowerPoints for the March 16th Workshop

160-D PowerPoint

  • The new Chapter 160D of the North Carolina General Statutes consolidates current city- and county-enabling statutes for development regulations (now in Chapters 153A and 160A) into a single, unified chapter. Chapter 160D places these statutes into a more logical, coherent organization. While the new law does not make major policy changes or shifts in the scope of authority granted to local governments, it does provide many clarifying amendments and consensus reforms that will need to be incorporated into local development regulations.
  • These amendments have been approved by the Board of Commissioners. 

Staff Proposed Amendments PowerPoint

  • Additional amendments proposed by staff to modify Unified Development Ordinance provisions to add clarifications and enhancements. These revisions include provisions for camper and RV storage, distilleries and wineries, food trucks, as well as clarifications for existing standards.
  • Next Meeting: TBA

YouTube Link of March 16, 2021 Meeting

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