Request for Proposals: DETENTION CENTER HEALTH CARE SERVICES At the Brunswick County Jail



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>> Addendum 1: Responses to Questions Submitted (PDF)

Brunswick County and the Brunswick County Sheriff request proposals for a comprehensive, health care delivery system at the Brunswick County Detention Center, located at 70 Stamp Act Drive in Bolivia, North Carolina. This facility (the “Jail”) houses adult male and female detainees, male juvenile detainees, and some sentenced inmates, generally having sentences of less than 3 months. The average daily population of the Jail over the past 12 months has been 260 due to Covid-19 pandemic protocols, with the pre-Covid population average closer to 365, not including the current juvenile population. The average length of stay for inmates is 90 days or less. There are a total of 440 beds including 80 female and 28 segregation beds. The proposal should be based on an average daily population of 350 for the next year.

To be considered a valid proposal, each organization submitting a proposal (“Proposer”) must submit one (1) hard copy original proposal, one (1) hard copy duplicate proposal, and one (1) thumb/USB drive with a digital copy of the proposal and all associated files to the following address:

Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Elizabeth Bynum, Comptroller
P.O. Box 9
Bolivia, N.C. 28422

Phone: 910-253-2855 (for delivery)

Proposals must be clearly marked with the proposal title, due date, and time.

Proposals must be received by the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office no later than 5:00 p.m. ET on September 17, 2021.  Neither Brunswick County nor the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office will be responsible for the failure of any mail or delivery service to deliver a proposal prior to the stated date and time.  Regardless of the manner of submission, any proposal received after the stated date and time will not be considered. Incomplete proposals or proposals inconsistent with the required format may be disqualified from consideration.    

It is the intent of Brunswick County to award a health care contract for an initial one (1) year term beginning November 1, 2021 and ending October 31, 2022.  The initial term shall be followed by two (2) successive options to renew for one (1) year each, for a maximum possible contract term of three (3) years, subject to approval by the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners.  Each renewal term is to be exercised automatically unless either party gives notice of its intent not to renew prior to the end of the then-current term.

Brunswick County and the Brunswick County Sheriff reserve the right to reject, in whole or in part and without prejudice or explanation, any and all proposals.  Brunswick County and the Brunswick County Sheriff further reserve the right to waive informalities or to amend the specifications in this RFP and request new proposals at any time prior to the award of a contract.  All decisions of Brunswick County and the Brunswick County Sheriff shall be final and binding.

Neither Brunswick County nor the Brunswick County Sheriff will pay for any information herein requested, nor will Brunswick County be responsible for any costs incurred by the Proposer in submitting a proposal or for any other activities associated with this procurement.

Brunswick County and/or the Brunswick County Sheriff reserve the right to cancel the work described herein prior to issuance and acceptance of any contractual agreement even if the Board of Commissioners has formally accepted the recommendation.

All proposals shall become the property of Brunswick County upon submission.

Questions or requests for further information concerning this RFP and/or requests to tour the facility must be sent via email by 5:00 p.m. ET on Friday, September 10, 2021 to  A copy of all questions, further clarifications, and answers or any changes to the specifications or scope of work will be made in the form of an addendum to this RFP and will be provided to all known proposers and posted on the County’s website.  Proposers are expressly prohibited from contacting any Brunswick County or Brunswick County Sheriff official or employee regarding this RFP, except in the manner noted in this section.  A violation of this provision is grounds for immediate disqualification of the proposer.