(Expired) Request for Service Proposals (RFP): Ocean Isle Beach Ductile Iron Pipe Force Main Inspection Project (NC 179 Roundabout to Ocean Isle Beach [OIB] Wastewater Treatment Plant


Brunswick County is requesting service proposals from firms for the services associated with non-destructive testing and inspection of approximately 6,000 LF of a 14” DIP force main located along Ocean Isle Beach Road in Brunswick County, NC.

Firms interested in being considered for this work should submit proposals to:

Post Office Delivery
Brent Lockamy, PE
Project Manager
Brunswick County Public Utilities
P. O. Box 249
Bolivia, NC 28422

Hand Delivery or Alternate Shipping Service
Brent Lockamy, PE
Project Manager
Utilities Operations Center
250 Grey Water Road NE
Supply, NC 28462

For consideration, five copies of the response to this request for service proposals must be received by the County by 3:00 p.m. EDT on Thursday, May 16, 2019. Brunswick County will not be responsible for the failure of any mail or delivery service to deliver a proposal prior to the stated date and time. Incomplete proposals, proposals inconsistent with the required format, and those received after the stated date and time may be disqualified for consideration. The proposals will not be opened publicly. Proposal sections shall be divided by tabs that indicate the title of each section. Submittals should be contained within an envelope or package and plainly labeled:

Ocean Isle Beach Ductile Iron Pipe Force Main Inspection Project
(NC 179 Round-about to OIB Wastewater Treatment Plant)
At a minimum, the proposal should include the following information:

1. Qualifications of the employees who will be assigned to the project. The project manager and other key team members should be clearly identified. If subcontractors are to be used for any portion of the work, they should be identified, and their qualifications included.

2. Experience on similar projects. The proposal should include a description and contact person for projects that were similar in size and scope as this project.

3. A project schedule with key milestones should be included. The project schedule should start from the Notice to Proceed. A project schedule will be included in the contract for this work.

4. A brief description of the project approach to be used by the firm should be included.

5. All quoted unit prices shall apply throughout the life of the contract and shall be used to compute the total value of changes in the Scope of Work in the event of any required change order.

6. The Contractor shall furnish the Owner with satisfactory proof that it has procured and maintains in full force and effect the insurance coverage set forth on the Brunswick County Minimum Insurance Requirements attached hereto as Exhibit 1 and incorporated herein by reference.

Brunswick County reserves the right to request financial information for any bidder, in order to support the viability of the bidder.

Brunswick County will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by the bidder in submitting a proposal or for any other activities associated with this procurement. Further, Brunswick County reserves the right to cancel the work described herein prior to issuance and acceptance of any contractual agreement even if the Board of Commissioners has formally accepted the recommendation.

In addition to the terms and conditions contained in this Request for Proposal, by submitting a proposal, bidder, if selected, agrees to enter into and be bound by the provisions of a Services Agreement attached hereto as Exhibit 2 and incorporated herein by reference. To the extent that any of the terms of this Request for Proposal and the terms of the Services Agreement conflict, the terms of the Services Agreement shall prevail. No work shall commence until an agreement has been fully executed by the parties. Unless otherwise approved by Brunswick County, the bidder must begin performing services within thirty (30) days after an agreement is signed.

Brunswick County reserves the exclusive right to reject any or all proposals without prejudice or explanation, to waive any informalities or technical defects in proposals, and to accept any proposal deemed most favorable to Brunswick County. Brunswick County reserves the right to amend the specifications and/or Scope of Work and request new proposals at any time prior to the award of a contract. All decisions of Brunswick County shall be final and binding. All firms submitting a proposal will receive notification once the contract has been awarded.

A more detailed description of the work to be performed is contained in the enclosed Scope of Work. Additional information regarding the As-Built conditions of the existing force main can be found in the attached drawings. Exhibit A (attached) shall be filled out by the Contractor for the Scope of Work as listed below. The County may negotiate and refine a final Scope of Work with the selected Contractor. A change order will be required for any subsequent changes to the Scope of Work that add, delete, or modify any billable component(s). No additional compensation shall be made for reimbursable items. Brunswick County reserves the right to award the contract based on the best combination of price and overall proposal to meet its needs.

The project has been advertised at the following locations in addition to the County Web site:

• Interactive Purchasing System Web Site (IPS)
• Historically Underutilized Businesses Web Site (HUB)

If you have any questions, please call us at (910) 253-2460.

Brenton S. Lockamy, PE
Project Manager

Scope of Work and Supporting Documents