Sample Ballots Available


Sample Ballots Available

Sample ballots are now available for the November 7, 2023 municipal election.

Did you know that a sample ballot can be taken in to the polling place with you?  You can mark it with your choices and use it in the voting booth!

Prefer to go paperless?  No problem!  You can mark up a sample ballot on your smart phone and use those notes in the voting booth.  NOTE: You cannot communicate with anyone using your phone while in the voting booth, and you cannot take a photo of your official ballot.

Find Your Sample Ballot

Use the State Board of Elections Voter Search tool to get your sample ballot. On your record, scroll down to the Your Sample Ballot section.


Does your record indicate there are no eligible ballots? That means you do not reside within a municipality or special district that holds elections this year. Not all Brunswick County residents are eligible to vote in municipal elections. If you have questions about your eligibility, contact our office.

Combined Sample Ballots

This file contains all ballot styles for this election. Combined Sample Ballots (PDF)