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Tuesday, February 28, 2023
6:00 – 8:00 pm
Learn general information about becoming a foster parent.
RSVP: Call Social Worker Matthew Ames at 910-253-2112 or email

At any given time in Brunswick County, there are approximately 180 children in foster care because their own families are in crisis and unable to provide for them.

Foster Care is temporary care for children who have the ultimate goal of returning home to their birth parents or other relatives. Foster parents play a vital role in understanding the needs of the children during these difficult times and with their help, intervention and nurturing can make all the difference to a child in need.

Foster Parenting is about believing and investing in the future by helping children and families who are experiencing difficult circumstances. You can read a firsthand account of what it’s like to be a foster parent in Brunswick County here.

Prospective Foster Parents must attend the required 30-hour TIPS-MAPP training. The training will help you decide if fostering is a good match for your family and answer a lot of questions about the foster care system. TIPS-MAPP is a mutual decision process and an applicant can select out or be selected out by the agency if it is determined the applicant may not be a good fit for the children and families served by the agency.

The requirements to be a Foster Parent include but are not limited to:

➜ All adults living in the household who will have caretaker responsibility of a foster child must attend the required 30-hour training and complete licensing requirements
➜ All adults must be willing to submit to criminal checks and fingerprints
➜ Must be 21 years of age
➜ Can be single or married
➜ Must have a stable home and adequate sleeping space for children
➜ Must be self-sufficient showing proof of financial stability
➜ Must not be receiving government public assistance, i.e. food stamps, public housing, etc.
➜ Maintain a drug-free, safe, and nurturing environment
➜ All household members must be in good mental/physical health as evidenced by a complete physical
➜ The home must pass a fire inspection and meet all licensing environmental regulations.
➜ Pet restrictions may apply
➜ Licensing restrictions of homes located near bodies of water

For additional information, contact Social Worker Matthew Ames
Call 910-253-2112 or email


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At any given time, there are 180+ children in foster care in Brunswick County because their own families are in crisis and are unable to provide for their essential well-being.

They come from many different backgrounds, but they have the same hopes, dreams, fears, and needs as any child!

Foster/Adoptive Parent 30-hour TIPS-MAPP training is scheduled as follows: New Classes Start this Spring

1. Welcome to the TIPS-MAPP Group Preparation and Selection Program       Brunswick County DSS
2. Where the MAPP Leads: A Foster Care & Adoption Experience       Brunswick County DSS
3. Losses & Gains: The Need to be a Loss Expert       Brunswick County DSS
4. Helping Children with Attachments       Brunswick County DSS
5. Helping Children Learn Healthy Behaviors       Brunswick County DSS
6. Helping Children with Birth Family Connections       Brunswick County DSS
7. Gains & Losses: Helping Children Leave Foster Care       Brunswick County DSS
8. Understanding the Impact of Fostering or Adopting       Brunswick County DSS
9. Perspectives in Adoptive & Foster Parenting-Teamwork & Partnership       Brunswick County DSS
10. Endings & Beginnings       Brunswick County DSS

Brunswick County Health and Human Services

Department of Social Services

To Register for TIPS-MAPP training contact:

Matthew Ames at 910-253-2112 or




(910) 253-2077
open mon-fri:
8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Please do not email reports of abuse or neglect.
If you need to make a CPS or APS report, please call 910-253-2077 during business hours.  After Hours call 911 and ask to speak to the on call social worker.

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