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Brunswick County Government Complex
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Utility Billing
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Bolivia, NC 28422


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Brunswick County Water and Sewer Customer Utility Assistance Program

*Application Period: May 1 – May 27, 2022

*Applications are for the Fiscal Year 2023 Program. Brunswick County Public Utilities residential water and/or sewer customers who apply and receive the credit will receive the first credit on their July 2022 Brunswick County utility bill.

Click the buttons below to download the full program information and application form.

About the Program

County Public Utilities residential water and/or sewer customers whose gross annual income is equal to or less than 130% of the federal poverty level for the household size, with assets less than $110,000, and the household’s total available on-hand cash resources must be less than $2,200.

The County establishes the monthly credit amount for water and/or sewer service during the annual budget process. The available credit in Fiscal Year 2023 is $11 per month for Brunswick County residential water customers, $15 per month for Brunswick County residential sewer customers, and $26 per month for Brunswick County residential customers who have both water and sewer service from Brunswick County.

The monthly credit may not be larger than the actual customer bill for the month.

The Brunswick County Water and Sewer Assistance Program will require Brunswick County residential utility customers to make annual applications that will provide assistance through a fiscal year. Brunswick County residential utility customers must reapply annually, and applications will be discontinued when funds are exhausted. Applications for the Fiscal Year 2023 program will be available with Utility Billing in Building I at the Brunswick County Government Complex.

Applicants will receive a notice if they are approved or denied for the Fiscal Year 2023 program from the Department of Social Services.

How to Apply

Applicants will need to submit their completed application along with the following documents:

  • Address
  • Proof of income – annual household income cannot exceed 130% of federal poverty level (see table below)
  • Copy of Brunswick County Utility Bill
  • Verification of the value of assets and resources
  • Real property value cannot exceed $110,000 (Department of Social Services will verify this information)

Applications along with required documents can be mailed, faxed, dropped off or emailed to the Department of Social Services:

  • Mailing address:  PO BOX 219, Bolivia, NC 28422
  • Fax: 910-253-2071
  • Physical Address: 60 Government Center Drive, Building B, Bolivia, NC 28422
  • Email:  dss.fns.ma@brunswickcountync.gov

Applicants must provide: all income for the household and its members; checking and savings account statements for all members of the household; all property, stocks, bonds and other assets for all members of the household; the name and date of birth for each member of the household; and a copy of the current Brunswick County Public Utilities water and/or sewer bill, with the applicant’s name, address and account number. Applications will be taken May 1 through May 27, 2022.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility RequirementWhat's NeededHow Often
AddressLease, rental agreement, any other shelter expenses, contact with someone knowledgeable of your situationAt application or situation, if moving
Earned Income: Wages/Self-EmploymentWage stubs, tax forms contacting employerAt application
Unearned Income: Public Benefits/Private Retirement Benefits/Trust, etc.Documents from provider, award letterAt application
Assets/ResourcesOwnership and tax records - bank and court documentsAt application
Water or Sewer ExpenseCopy of Brunswick County utility billsAt application

2020-2021 Federal Poverty Guidelines

Household Size100% Federal Poverty Level Annual Gross Income130% Federal Poverty Level Annual Gross Income

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