Application for Services


To establish a new service:

When purchasing a property that already has existing service:

  • Contact Utility Billing to ensure a smooth transition in ownership
  • Mail or return to our office:
    • Complete an application (Section A must be filled out completely).
    • Sign the Water Service Agreement and/or Sewer Service Agreement.
    • Pay a $50 deposit for water service.
    • Provide a copy of the top part of the settlement statement showing the change in ownership.
    • Provide a copy of your driver’s license.

When selling or moving from a property:

  • Contact Utility Billing to request a final meter reading date for a change in occupants or sale of the property.
  • Provide a forwarding address for the final bill or refund of deposit.

For rental properties:

  • The tenant must contact Utility Billing to transfer service into their name.
  • Mail or return to our office:

Bank Draft Service:

  • This service allows your checking account or savings account to be drafted for the balance due on your account on the due date.
  • Mail or return to our office:


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