Larval Control

Larval control involves locating and treating breeding areas with larvicides to manage mosquito populations before they can mature into adults. The four products currently used by the county are:

  • Natular - a granule formulation with the active ingredient spinosad. It has been classified as a reduced risk larvicide by U.S. EP.A. It is applied in granule formulation by spreading over mosquito habitats by 'hand' or using a back pack spreader.
  • BVA 2 - This product is an oil that is applied by hand-spray units. This biodegradable film suffocates mosquito larvae and pupae.
  • Natular T30 - The active ingredient in Natular is Spinosad, a naturally occurring organism in the soil. Natular T30 releases effective levels of Spinosad for up to 30 days
  • Natular 2EC - a product used for killing mosquito larvae. It is an emulsifiable concentrate that is applied using hand spray units. Its active ingredient is also Spinosad.