In North Carolina, counties do not own or maintain roads per the NC General Statutes.

Taxes paid to Brunswick County do not pay for any road maintenance or the construction of new roads.

Brunswick County does not have control over road access, maintenance problems, the building of new roads, planning for new roads, or the upkeep of stormwater and ditches along roadways.

Types of Roads

Roads are designated as public or private.

To determine if your road is a public or private road, use Brunswick County's road lookup map. Type your street name in the search bar to learn if your road is maintained by NCDOT or falls within municipal limits.

Public Roads

Public roads in Brunswick County are owned, maintained, built, and dedicated to either the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) or a Municipality. NCDOT or the Municipality is responsible for all maintenance and upkeep of the roadway. (Brunswick County does not control stormwater conveyance along NCDOT roadways.)

Private Roads

If a road is not public, then it is a private road that is privately owned by an organization like an HOA or POA, by a person, by several people, or by a Corporation/LLC. The designated owner is responsible for all maintenance and upkeep of the roadway.

Road Maintenance

Street maps are available for purchase in the Brunswick County GIS office.


If your road is a State/NCDOT road, contact NCDOT to report a concern.


If the road is located inside municipal limits and you think the road might be a municipal (city/town/village) street, contact that municipality for confirmation or to report a concern.


If the road is not a State road and is not a municipal road, or is outside municipal limits, then it is privately owned. The owner or owners of privately-owned roads are responsible for their maintenance and upkeep.

Note: Even though a road may be privately funded, it is still available for the use of the public.

If requested, Brunswick County Emergency Services staff will assess a privately-owned road's condition to determine whether emergency vehicles (ambulances, fire trucks, etc.) can access properties on the road. If emergency vehicles cannot access properties along the road, Brunswick County will let these property owners know and encourage them to take the steps necessary to repair and maintain the road. To request an assessment, call 910-253-5383.

Road Resources

  • Road Lookup: Discover if your road is state-maintained, maintained by a municipality, or privately maintained.
  • NCDOT Road Database: Additional resources to determine if your road is maintained by NCDOT.
  • Contact NCDOT: Have an issue with a State-maintained road? Submit a concern to NCDOT.
  • DriveNC: View real-time travel information in your area, including scheduled maintenance for State roads.

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