Food Safety Training

Chapter 2 of the NC Food Code Manual requires food service establishments to have a designated Person in Charge (PIC) during all hours of operation. A point may be deducted on a sanitation inspection if the PIC is not a Certified Food Protection Manager who has passed a test that is part of an accredited program. New establishments have 210 days from permitting to comply with this requirement. Congregant Sites and Risk Category I food establishments are exempt from the CFPM requirement. An additional point may be deducted if there is no PIC on site, if the PIC is unable to demonstrate required knowledge and does not maintain active managerial control of key food safety processes.

It is important for the PIC to provide adequate training for all staff to reduce the risk of foodborne illness. From the time food is delivered to the time it is given to the customer, safety measures can be taken to make sure it is as safe as possible. These measures include:

  • Serving food from an approved source
  • Monitoring delivery temperatures and conditions
  • Monitoring storage conditions, order and temperatures
  • Using safe preparation practices
  • Monitoring temperature parameters for cooking, holding, cooling and reheating
  • Monitoring employee health and hygiene practices
  • Maintaining a clean, sanitary environment

Please visit the Food Safety Information page for handouts you may find helpful for use in your employee training program. Contact our office at 910-253-2150 with any questions or to enquire about scheduling an informal food safety training in your establishment.