Medical Benefits


VA will provide health care, including medical or other treatment as required, to any honorably discharged veteran who meets the eligibility requirements. VA will also furnish care to certain persons who received an other than honorable discharge from service, but only for a disability which was incurred in or aggravated by service, in the line of duty.

Service Eligibility Requirements

  • For service prior to September 1, 1980 a veteran must have one day or more of active duty to be eligible to receive healthcare.
  • For service after September 1, 1980, a veteran must have served twenty-four consecutive months of active duty. The exception to this rule is if the veteran has served one or more days in combat.

You must complete a VA Form 10-10EZ Application for Health Benefits, and submit it and a copy of your DD-214 discharge papers to the nearest VA medical facility.

Once you submit your application for health benefits, VA will determine your eligibility, and assign you to a Priority Group.

The VA uses priority groups to balance demand for VA health care enrollment. There are eight basic priority groups. These priority groups are based upon whether the veteran has a service-connected disability, received a Medal of Honor, a Purple Heart, or was a Prisoner of War (POW), if the veteran served in combat during specified periods, and then it is based on the veteran's household income.

To check on the status of your application contact the VA Medical Center where you submitted your application and ask to speak with Health Eligibility.

  • Brunswick County Outreach Clinic
    Phone: 910-754-6141
  • Wilmington VA Healthcare Center
    Phone: 910-343-5300
  • Myrtle Beach VA Clinic
    Phone: 843-477-0177