Cross-Connection & Backflow Prevention


State law requires that all irrigation systems connected to a public water system have a separate irrigation meter with a backflow prevention assembly installed. Additionally, Brunswick County requires backflow prevention assemblies on all commercial connections. Even without an irrigation system, there are still dangers of backflow. For example, if you have a garden hose submerged in a bucket of water and other materials, the water pressure can drop and cause a suction effect, thus bringing whatever is in the bucket back into the water supply. If backflow occurs, there are chances of toxic and harmful chemicals entering the public water distribution system and contaminating the main water supply.

Tests to irrigation systems are required to be completed every other year. A notice that a system is due to be tested is mailed several weeks prior to our technician performing the test, so that the customer may call to reschedule, or let us know they have decided to hire a contractor to test instead. If one of our technicians does perform the test, a fee of $23.70 will be added to the next water bill.

If a system fails the test, customers will be notified by door hanger with further information.

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