Land Development Project Approval


Review and approval processes vary depending on the type and complexity of the project. All applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss their project with planning staff during the project planning phase and before submitting applications, site plans, or documents. This will allow planning staff to provide crucial information on requirements, provide alternative options/solutions, help avoid pitfalls, and guide the applicant through the process.

Zoning Development Permits

No land shall be used or occupied and no building hereafter constructed, structurally altered, erected, or moved shall be used or its use changed until a Development Permit. This means all built improvements or change in uses requires a review of the project and permit(s)/approval(s). The purpose of the Development Permit is to guide the applicant in carrying out their improvement plans and avoid potential problems by ensuring that the appropriate approvals are obtained in the most efficient and effective manner possible. A site plan illustrating the project layout will likely be required as part of the application and submittal process. Other County Departments will also likely need to review and approve the project.

Project Planning Sessions

Project Planning Sessions are strongly encouraged. Planning Staff may recommend a Project Planning Session for your project. This session is designed to provide the applicant with information at the beginning of their project to help avoid pitfalls and delays. At the meeting, the Planning Department as well as other County Departments will be in attendance to provide important information to help guide the applicant through Brunswick County's development and improvement approval processes. This meeting is especially beneficial for more complex projects such as commercial development and subdivision development that will require approval from other County Departments.