Surplus Land

Brunswick County has numerous parcels that may be declared surplus, a list of surplus parcels is located in the table below. The County will entertain proposals for either individual parcels or groups of parcels that meet or exceed the minimum bid amount as set in the Surplus Property Disposal Policy: For all surplus properties, the minimum bid shall be $750.00 or the amount that the County paid for the parcel, whichever is greater.

The complete Surplus Property Disposal Policy can be found at: Surplus Property Disposal Policy (PDF)

Initial bids should be submitted through the Instructions to Bid link in the far-right column of the table below. Any proposals accepted by Brunswick County will be subject to the upset bid sale process and Brunswick County reserves the right to reject any and all proposals. Public notices of parcels that are currently in the upset bid sale process are listed below: 

Current Notices of Upset Bid Period

Parcel 1710001107 - Upset Bid Period ENDS 2/26/2024


Parcel NumberLegal Description2023 Tax ValueWaterSewerMinimum BidStatus

Parcel 1 .20AC Plat 33/493

$100Possible water if easement obtained.None$1,795.10Accepting Bids

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If you have questions, Email LeAnn Weigand.